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Complaints & Enquiries

For Complaints and Enquiries, please send an Email to and

How the scheme works.

This is a descrption of the working processes behind the scheme

  • A personnel registers with Defence Health Maintenance Limited (DHML) and is assigned with a registration number.

  • The serving personnel selects an accredited Military Primary Health Care Provider (PHCP) within his locality and supplies all the necessary personal details.

  • The retired personnel selects an accredited military or civillian Primary Health Care Provider (PHCP) within his/her locality and supplies all necessary personal details.

  • Dependants (i.e. spouse and children) details submitted on-line are backed-up with the upload of relevant document(s) by the registrant.

  • DHML/NHIS issues an ID card to the enrollees and their eligible dependants.

  • The military / civillian PHCP takes care of all the primary health care issues of the enrollee based on the NHIS benefit package.

  • The Primary Health Care Provider (PHCP) will refer the enrollee to a Secondary Health Care Provider (SHCP) or Tertiary Care Provider (TCP) accredited by the NHIS for specialized cases, with approval from DHML using the established referral guidelines.

  • Enrollees are not allowed to change their PHCP more than twice a year. Request for change of PHCP can be submitted online or at the DHML office closest to you. This will be treated within three (3) months of submission.