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Why Choose DHML?

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The best possible standard

The Defence Health Maintenance Limited (DHML) ensures that minimum quality health services delivery standards set by NHIS are met by all hospitals on its network of healthcare providers. It acheives this through precontractual hospital inspections, due diligence visits, scheduled monitoring and evaluation visits as well as unscheduled spotcheck visits. It is also utilizes quality improvement (QI) tools, methodology and techniques to ensures continous improvement in the quality of care (QoC). High standard of healthcare service is assured, as healthcare facilities within the DHML network are made to provide health services that is effective, efficient, timely, patient-centered and ultimately safe.

Enrollee service experience

We also offer our Enrollees excellent service in terms of prompt and proper medical experience of our partner hospitals; thus eliminating the need to scrimp and save on care. Enrollees not registered at our flagship (The Reddington Multi specialist Hospital) can have access to care there, should the need arise for any of these investigations. We have a network of over 157 partner hospitals nationwide, to ensure that our clients have access to care wherever they might be within Nigeria.

Our values are embodied in the words


We stand for our word. we will never renege on our promises. we will be on time because we wont like to make you wait

Service Excellence

We are committed to ensuring that all our Enrollees have an exceptional service experience with us.


We strive for continus development of Enrollees satisfaction through dynamic solution that meet all needs.


We shall be ethical in our dealing with all stakeholders. Medical information will be kept in confidence.


You can always count on us. Our word is our bond.


We will deliver extraordinary value proposition to all our clients