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The Management and staffs of Defence Health Maintenance Limited [DHML], is currently embarking on Monitoring and Evaluation programme in order to ensure quality assurance on all Armed Forces and registered civil healthcare facilities that are accredited by NHIS in line with the NHIS guidelines from the 14th October to 1st November 2019.

To ensure quality assurance, staffs of the organization are to inspect infrastructures, personnels and equipment holdings in all Armed Forces and selected registered civilian healthcare facilities across the length and breadth of the country.

In view to this, trainings were organized for the staffs in order to orientate and prepare them on how the programme was to be carried out. They are reminded that the enrollees are the primary focus in the programme in order to ensure they have free and standard healthcare facilities. Monitoring of healthcare providers will also ensure adequate healthcare delivery of services by the healthcare providers. During the programme, staffs shall educate enrollees on the accessibility to healthcare facilities.

Monitoring and Evaluation will also bring face to face communication between the HMO and the enrollees. Enrollees shall be educated on the standard of treatment guidelines under the NHIS, the scope of coverage and funding under the scheme, what DHML as an HMO is all about, and the functions of NHIS and the link between the NHIS and DHML.