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Defence Health Maintenance Limited [DHML] has recently organized a two [2] day Annual performance Review [APR] meeting which took place at its headquarters in FCT Abuja, from the 10th to 11th December 2018.

It was the 2nd annual performance of her activities meeting, which brought together all State managers from the DHML 23 State offices in the country.

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Surgeon Cdre Ahmed A. Abdullahi [Rtd] in his opening remarks stated that the meeting was for state mangers to discuss the operations of their offices throughout the year 2018. He admonished that the scheme is all about improving health care facilities and services, by providing funds and monitoring the accredited health care providers.

However, year 2018 APR meeting was quite different and unique because apart from the state managers, all account officers from various states were also present at the meeting to give a review of their financial assessment for the year 2018. Also, the accounting officers were orientated on how best to improve their financial activities.

The meeting was therefore, a productive one as it provided the state managers the opportunity to highlight the issues they experienced in their day to day management of their Areas Of Responsibilities. It also gave room for the Managing Director to elaborate on issues that might be limiting the operations of DHML.

Additionally, all the 23 state offices vehicles were brought to the headquarters for assessment in order to ensure that all vehicles are in good condition and on the tracking system. All these activities made a full compliment of what is expected of an organization.

The meeting created opportunities for state managers to have a better understanding of what the scheme is all about. State managers were also enlightened on the importance of having cordial relationship between the health care providers and the enrollees. The meeting also gave room for questions and answers.

Furthermore, MD/CEO urged that all newly employed staff are required to return back to headquarters within the first quarter of 2019 for training, and be orientated based on their area of specialization adding that a work force can only be productive when they are well trained.

He then advised that keeping record of efficient accounting system is however a necessity in order to ensure that there is a record of every kobo been spent.

The 2 days programme ended with all principal staff officers giving insight of their activities and clearing of doubts for better understanding to the state managers.

Also, they were admonished on the necessity of ensuring enrollees are given optimum attention drawing their mind to the fact that ‘We need to be human to treat humans the human way’.